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秋祭り ~Autumn Festival~

a community for AKIYA fans

秋祭り ~Autumn Festival~ [a community for AKIYA fans]
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W e l c o m e
This is a community dedicated to A k i y a, the videogame freak guitarrist of Kagrra,.
Here you could discuss, share and find stuff about him, but not only that, here you can also talk about v i d e o g a m e s.
A b o u t H i m
Name: 楓弥 (Akiya)
Position: Lead Guitar (6, 7 and 12 strings), back vocals sometimes
Alias: Akkie, Akkun, Akiya Manson
Alter Egos: Akiba Christopher (Psychotherapist), Village Takesono (Devil Christ 13 Guitarrist)
Date of Birth : 1980.08.25
Blood Type : B
Height : 175 cm
Color: White
Favorite food: Nashi
Word : Arigatou
Human race's biggest enemy: Cockroaches!

R u l e s
This community is open to anything relating Akiya; also is open to anything relating Videogames because we know not only Akiya loves them. Actually I'm a videogame lover too (Nintendo DS <3).

1. You must be a fan of Akiya
2. Extreme Fangirling is NOT ALLOWED. Srly. MODERATION and NO DRAMA (One of the most important rules,)
3. You can post Pictures, scans, fanarts, mp3s, media, graphics, macros, questions, news
4. Request are allowed
5. lj cut is love (You know what I mean...)
6. Comment if you take any scans/graphics/media. Please follow the poster rules
7. Relax and Enjoy!

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